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First Bank Graduate Trainee Salary

First Bank Graduate Trainee Salary

Are you thinking about working in a bank like First Bank? Let’s talk about how much they pay their Graduate Trainees and what you can earn as you grow in your career.

First Bank Graduate Trainee Salary

When you start as a Graduate Trainee at First Bank, you’ll get paid N56,000 every month for three months. This money is meant to help you with things like transportation during your training.

Contract Staff Salary

After your training, if you become a Contract Staff member, your salary goes up to N84,000 per month. This is because you’ll have more responsibilities.

Entry-Level Staff Salary

As you move up in your career and become an Entry-Level Staff member, your monthly pay increases to N120,000. This is a good step up in your banking career.

Career Advancement

If you work hard and do well, you can move up even more. Senior Banking Officers at First Bank can earn between N500,000 to N1,000,000 every month. These are the experienced folks who help run the bank.


Starting as a Graduate Trainee at First Bank can lead to a better-paying job as you gain experience. So, if you’re looking for a career in banking, First Bank is a good place to start. Your salary can grow as you move up the ladder. Begin your banking journey with First Bank today

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