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UK Used iPhone 13 Pro Max Prices in Nigeria

UK Used iPhone 13 Pro Max Prices in Nigeria

Are you looking for a fancy phone that won’t cost a fortune? Think about getting a UK used iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s a top-quality phone with great features. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s specifications and how much it costs in Nigeria.

UK Used iPhone 13 Pro Max Prices in Nigeria

If you want an iPhone 13 Pro Max but don’t want to spend too much, you can find good deals in the UK used market. Here’s how much they usually cost for different storage sizes:

1 128GB Model

– Price Range: ₦650,000 – ₦700,000

2 256GB Model

– Price Range: ₦720,000 – ₦750,000

3 512GB Model

– Price Range: ₦780,000 – ₦800,000

Now, let’s see what makes this phone so special.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Features

1 Design and Build

The iPhone 13 Pro Max looks stylish and can handle a few bumps without getting scratched. It feels fancy because of its stainless steel frame.

2 Display

The screen is amazing, with bright colors and smooth scrolling. It’s 6.7 inches big and is great for watching videos.

3 How Fast It Works

This phone is super fast because of its A15 Bionic chip. Apps open quickly, and everything runs smoothly.

4 The Camera

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has three cameras that take great pictures, even in the dark. It also has special features for taking cool photos.

5 Battery Life

Even though it does a lot, the battery lasts a long time, so you don’t need to charge it all the time.

6 What Software It Runs

It uses iOS, which is easy to use and keeps your phone safe. You can download lots of apps from the App Store.

7 Extra Cool Stuff

The phone connects to super-fast 5G internet, unlocks with your face, and can handle a bit of water and dust.

Why Buy a UK Used iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Getting a UK used iPhone 13 Pro Max in Nigeria is a smart idea because:

– It’s much cheaper than buying a brand-new one.

– You can trust sellers who sell these phones.

– You still get all the fancy features and performance.

– You can choose the storage size you need.


In conclusion, if you want a high-end phone that won’t empty your wallet, consider a UK used iPhone 13 Pro Max. We’ve given you the prices and what makes it awesome in this guide. So, go ahead and upgrade your phone experience today!

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