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Providus Bank Salary Structure

Providus Bank Salary Structure

Providus Bank is a new and exciting bank in Nigeria. If you’re thinking about working in banking, it’s important to know what salaries are offered for different jobs at Providus Bank. In this blog post, we’ll break down Providus Bank’s salary structure, from entry-level positions to management roles, so you can get a clear picture of what you might earn when working with them.

About Providus Bank

Before we get into salary details, let’s learn a bit about Providus Bank. They are a bank that focuses on providing customized financial solutions and modern products for personal and business needs. Their main office is located at 724 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Providus Bank offers various services, such as portfolio management, business advice, self-service options, quick service, and personalized support. They are known for using technology and hiring young professionals.

Providus Bank Salary Structure

1. Entry-Level Staff:

   – What They Earn: Around N130,000 per month.

   – Who They Are: These are people hired through graduate training programs.

   – Note: Salaries for these staff members can change over time and may include bonuses and extra rewards.

2. Contract Staff:

   – What They Earn: Between N60,000 to N80,000 per month.

   – Who They Are: Contract staff are hired temporarily to fill immediate job needs.

   – Transition: Depending on their agreement, contract staff may become permanent employees and enjoy good working conditions.

Salaries for Specific Positions:

3. Accounting Staff:

   – What They Earn: Monthly salaries between N75,000 to N100,000, which adds up to N900,000 to N1.2 million per year.

4. Front Desk Workers:

   – What They Earn: Usually between N65,000 to N70,000 per month, which is N740,000 to N840,000 per year.

5. Graduate Trainees:

   – What They Earn: N74,000 per month during a four-month training period.

   – After Training: After training, they become permanent staff with increased salaries.

6. Management Trainees:

   – What They Earn: About N84,000 per month.

   – Who They Are: Experienced workers joining Providus Bank from other banks.

   – Transition: They get higher salaries after becoming familiar with Providus Bank’s way of doing things.

Support Staff Salaries:

7. Cleaners:

   – What They Earn: Typically between N30,000 to N40,000 per month.

8. Security Personnel:

   – What They Earn: Ranges from N40,000 to N45,000 per month.


Working at Providus Bank is exciting because the bank cares about its employees’ well-being and offers opportunities for career growth in the banking industry. Whether you’re starting as a graduate trainee or bringing experience as a management trainee, Providus Bank provides competitive salaries and a good work environment for advancing your career.

In summary, Providus Bank is a great choice for those looking for a career in banking, thanks to its commitment to employee welfare and growth.

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