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Fidelity Bank Salary Structure

Fidelity Bank Salary Structure

Getting a job at a bank like Fidelity Bank Plc is exciting, but it’s essential to know what you’ll be paid. Here, we’ll break down the salaries at Fidelity Bank based on different positions.

Salaries for All Employees

On average, Fidelity Bank pays its workers about NGN 203,000 per month. But keep in mind, this is just an average. Your pay could be higher or lower depending on your job, experience, and where you work. The bank also takes good care of its employees with health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.

Starting Out: Entry Level

If you’re just starting your career at Fidelity Bank as an Entry Level Staff, you’ll earn around NGN 140,000 every month in 2023. That adds up to NGN 1.6 million a year. And, besides your basic salary, you may get extra money for things like healthcare, a vehicle allowance, performance bonuses, and more.

Graduate Trainees

Fidelity Bank hires Graduate Trainees who are the future leaders of the bank. As a Graduate Trainee, you’ll earn NGN 60,000 per month, which comes to NGN 720,000 per year. While you might begin at the entry-level, the bank offers chances for you to move up the ladder.

Interns and IT Students

Students doing internships or industrial training (IT) at Fidelity Bank are paid between ₦10,000 and ₦15,000 each month. This means you can earn ₦120,000 to ₦180,000 a year during your short stay. It’s a way to gain experience and get paid while you learn.

In a nutshell, Fidelity Bank is a great place to work in the banking world. They offer decent salaries, good benefits, and lots of opportunities to grow. Whether you’re just starting, a graduate trainee, or a student intern, Fidelity Bank could be your path to a rewarding career. Don’t wait; apply now

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