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Nestle Nigeria Salary Structure 2023

Nestle Nigeria Salary Structure

Nestle Nigeria is a big food company that’s been making tasty stuff for Nigerians for over 58 years.

They’re famous for things like Maggi, Milo, and NescafĂ©. But what about the people who work there? How much do they get paid? In this blog post, we’re going to break down the salaries for different jobs at Nestle Nigeria in 2023.

So, if you’re curious about what Nestle Nigeria jobs pay, keep reading!

Nestle Nigeria Salary Structure

Safety Officers

Safety Officers make sure everyone stays safe at work. Nestle Nigeria thinks they’re so important that they pay them up to N700,000 every month!

Channel Development Managers

Channel Development Managers help the company grow, and they get a whopping N650,000 every month.

Regional Sales Managers

Regional Sales Managers look after sales in certain areas and take home around N500,000 each month.

Head of Marketing

The Head of Marketing is responsible for making Nestle products famous, and they earn about N500,000 every month.

Production Supervisors

Production Supervisors oversee making stuff and make about N400,000 a month.

Sales Managers

Sales Managers bring in the money, earning between N300,000 to N500,000 monthly.

Insurance Officers

Insurance Officers protect the company’s stuff and make about N250,000 a month.

Medical Delegates

Medical Delegates promote Nestle’s healthcare products and get about N250,000 a month.

Field Sales Managers

Field Sales Managers help sell stuff and take home about N250,000 every month.

Warehouse Managers

Warehouse Managers keep things organized and earn around N250,000 monthly.

Graduate Trainees

If you’re just starting out, as a Graduate Trainee, you’ll make N200,000 every month.

Nutrition Advisors

Nutrition Advisors help people eat healthy and get about N187,000 each month.

Operations Officers

Operations Officers make sure everything runs smoothly and earn N150,000 a month.

Sales Development Managers

Sales Development Managers help sell more and make N150,000 every month.

Nursing Officers

Nursing Officers look after employee health and get about N130,000 each month.

Recruitment and Training Officers

Recruitment and Training Officers help find and teach new employees and earn around N120,000 monthly.

Quality Control Managers

Quality Control Managers make sure products are great and earn about N100,000 monthly.

Sales Officers

Sales Officers help with sales and get about N100,000 every month.


Even Drivers at Nestle Nigeria make a good N100,000 each month.

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers help make things and earn around N75,000 each month.

Health Administrative Officers

Health Administrative Officers look after health stuff and get about N60,000 monthly.

Account Managers

Account Managers handle money stuff and earn around N50,000 monthly.


Nestle Nigeria is a big company with lots of tasty products, and they pay their workers well. Whether you’re starting out or have lots of experience, there are job opportunities and good pay waiting for you at Nestle Nigeria. So, if you’re thinking about working there, now you know what to expect in terms of salaries for different jobs in 2023

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