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FERMA Salary Structure 2023

FERMA Salary Structure 2023

If you’re curious about how much you can earn working at FERMA (Federal Roads Maintenance Agency) in 2023, we’ve got you covered. FERMA, like many government agencies in Nigeria, has a structured salary system based on grade levels and steps. 

Let’s break it down in simple terms:

Grade Level 01 (GL 01)

– Starting Annual Salary: N226,800

– Monthly Pay: N18,900

When you begin your journey at FERMA on Grade Level 01, your yearly salary starts at N226,800, which means you’ll take home N18,900 each month.

Grade Level 04 (GL 04)

– Starting Annual Salary (Step 1): N242,994

– Top Annual Salary (Step 15): N363,794

– Monthly Pay (Step 1): N20,249

– Monthly Pay (Step 15): N30,316.17

For newbies starting at Grade Level 04, your salary kicks off at N242,994 on Step 1. If you make your way up to Step 15, your yearly pay increases to N363,794, which equals N30,316.17 per month.

Grade Level 07 (GL 07)

– Starting Annual Salary (Step 1): N517,965

– Monthly Pay (Step 1): N43,163.75

Diploma holders joining FERMA at Grade Level 07 can expect an annual salary of N517,965, resulting in a monthly salary of N43,163.75.

Grade Level 08 (GL 08)

– Starting Annual Salary (Step 1): N666,184

– Monthly Pay (Step 1): N55,515.3

Graduates entering FERMA at Grade Level 08, Step 1, will receive an annual salary of N666,184, equivalent to a monthly salary of N55,515.3.

Grade Level 17 (GL 17)

– Starting Annual Salary (Step 1): N4,183,600

– Top Annual Salary (Step 9): N5,452,136

– Monthly Pay (Step 1): N348,633

– Monthly Pay (Step 9): N454,344.67

At the highest level of the Public Service within FERMA, employees on Grade Level 17 receive an annual salary of N4,183,600 on Step 1 and N5,452,136 on Step 9. This corresponds to a monthly salary of N348,633 and N454,344.67, respectively.

Other Grade Levels

For employees at intermediate grade levels within FERMA, salaries vary based on grade level and step, with gradual increases as you move up the ladder. 

Here’s a quick look at some of these levels:

– Grade Level 02 (GL 02): Starting Annual Salary (Step 1) – N230,128; Top Annual Salary (Step 15) – N311,935

– Grade Level 03 (GL 03): Starting Annual Salary (Step 1) – N232,970; Top Annual Salary (Step 15) – N333,522

– Grade Level 05 (GL 05): Starting Annual Salary (Step 1) – N261,298; Top Annual Salary (Step 15) – N401,637

– Grade Level 06 (GL 06): Starting Annual Salary (Step 1) – N316,229; Top Annual Salary (Step 15) – N487,295

– Grade Level 09 (GL 09): Starting Annual Salary (Step 1) – N780,656; Top Annual Salary (Step 15) – N1,152,698

– Grade Level 10 (GL 10): Starting Annual Salary (Step 1) – N914,511; Top Annual Salary (Step 15) – N1,323,635

– Grade Level 12 (GL 12): Starting Annual Salary (Step 1) – N1,053,208; Top Annual Salary (Step 11) – N1,506,493

– Grade Level 13 (GL 13): Starting Annual Salary (Step 1) – N1,174,233; Top Annual Salary (Step 11) – N1,653,453

– Grade Level 14 (GL 14): Starting Annual Salary (Step 1) – N1,295,818; Top Annual Salary (Step 11) – N1,811,724

– Grade Level 15 (GL 15): Starting Annual Salary (Step 1) – N1,778,616; Top Annual Salary (Step 9) – N2,363,140

– Grade Level 16 (GL 16): Starting Annual Salary (Step 1) – N2,197,677; Top Annual Salary (Step 9) – N5,452,136

Important Points to Remember

– These figures represent the base salaries and do not include any additional allowances.

– Employees often get promoted to the next grade level before reaching Step 15.

Understanding the FERMA Salary Structure is essential for anyone considering a career with the agency. Keep in mind that actual salaries may vary due to allowances and promotions, but this information should give you a good starting point for your financial planning.

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