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NERC Salary Structure 2023

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) plays a crucial role in the regulation and oversight of the electricity industry in Nigeria. 

As a prominent governmental body, NERC offers a range of career opportunities in various positions. One of the key factors that job seekers often consider is the salary structure. 

In this article, we will delve into the NERC salary structure for 2023, exploring the compensation offered for different positions within the organization.

NERC Positions

NERC offers a diverse array of job positions, catering to different skill sets and qualifications. 

From entry-level positions to managerial roles, the commission provides opportunities for professionals from various backgrounds to contribute to the development of the electricity sector in Nigeria. 

Some of the notable positions at NERC include:

1. Assistant General Manager

Responsible for overseeing and managing specific departments, an Assistant General Manager plays a pivotal role in the commission’s operations. This position demands a high level of experience and expertise.

2. Technical Engineer

Technical Engineers are responsible for maintaining and optimizing the technical aspects of the electricity industry. Their role involves ensuring the efficient functioning of equipment and infrastructure.

3. Information Technology Support Officer

In an increasingly digital world, IT Support Officers are essential for managing and troubleshooting the technological systems that underpin NERC’s operations.

4. Manager Field Engineering

This role involves on-ground management and supervision of field operations, ensuring that projects are executed seamlessly and in adherence to regulatory standards.

NERC Salary Based on Positions

Entry Level/Fresh Graduate Personnel

For entry-level positions and fresh graduates, NERC offers a competitive salary range. On average, the monthly salary after tax falls between ₦250,000 and ₦290,000 in 2023. As employees gain experience and progress in their roles, promotions can lead to further increases in monthly compensation.

Selected NERC Job Positions and Their Salaries

1. Assistant General Manager

Those in this managerial position enjoy a monthly salary ranging from ₦750,000 to ₦850,000. This reflects the significant responsibilities and leadership expected from individuals in such roles.

2. Technical Engineer

Technical Engineers, vital for maintaining the technical integrity of the electricity industry, receive a monthly salary in the range of ₦75,000 to ₦100,000.

3. Information Technology Support Officer

As technology becomes integral to NERC’s operations, IT Support Officers are compensated with a monthly salary between ₦45,000 and ₦50,000.

4. Manager Field Engineering

The role of managing field operations comes with a monthly salary ranging from ₦105,000 to ₦150,000. This reflects the combination of technical expertise and leadership required for the position.


As a reputable regulatory commission in Nigeria, NERC offers a variety of job opportunities with competitive salary structures. From entry-level positions to managerial roles, the organization recognizes the importance of compensating employees fairly for their contributions to the electricity sector. The salary ranges mentioned in this article provide valuable insights for individuals seeking to join NERC at different career stages.

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