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Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Salary Structure

immigration salary

If you’re thinking about working for the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), you might be wondering how much they pay in 2023. The NIS is responsible for guarding our borders and offers its employees decent salaries and benefits.

Different Ranks in NIS

The NIS works like a team, and different people have different roles. They also have different pay depending on their job and experience. Here are the ranks in the NIS:

1. Passport Officers

2. Immigration Assistants (IA)

3. Assistant Inspectors of Immigration (AII)

4. Senior Inspectors of Immigration (SII)

5. Assistant Superintendents of Immigration (ASI)

6. Superintendents of Immigration (AC)

7. Assistant Comptrollers General (ACGI)

8. Comptrollers General of Immigration (CGI)

Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Salary

Now, let’s find out how much money you can make in the NIS depending on your job and qualifications in 2023:

Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Salary For Graduates: 

If you have a university degree, you could earn around N150,000 every month. Plus, you get other extra payments and benefits.

Salary For Immigration Assistant III (IA-3)

If you have a Senior Secondary School certificate (SSCE), you’ll start with a basic salary of N39,051.55 each month.

Salary For Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)

If you’ve got a National Certificate in Education (NCE) or a National Diploma (ND), you could earn N46,573.33 every month.

Salary For Inspector of Immigration (II)

 If you’re a professional like a nurse, your monthly salary could be N62,633.

Salary For Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII)

People with a Higher National Diploma (HND) get N114,515 per month.

Salary For Assistant Superintendent of Immigration II (ASI-2)

If you have a university degree, you could also earn N114,515 per month.

Salary For Deputy Superintendent of Immigration (DSI)

If you’re a professional pharmacist, you could take home N130,313 every month.

Salary For Superintendent of Immigration (SI)

Professionals like doctors hired by the NIS could make N140,725 each month.

NIS Training and Allowance

Before you become an immigration officer, you have to go through training. The NIS training lasts about six months, where you’ll get physically fit and ready for the job.

During training, you’ll get a training allowance of about N20,000 to N35,000 each month. But remember, this allowance stops once you finish training and become a full-fledged immigration officer.

In conclusion, working for the Nigeria Immigration Service can be rewarding, not just because you serve your country but also because of the good pay and benefits. If you’re interested, don’t miss the 2023 recruitment opportunity. Good luck with your application!

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