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Explaining the New IPPIS Salary Structure for Nigerian Workers in 2023

ippis salary structure

If you’re a Nigerian citizen, it’s important to know about the new salary structure for government workers in 2023. The government made some big changes to how they pay their employees, and we’re going to break it down for you in simple terms.

What’s a Salary Structure?

Think of a salary structure as a big chart that shows how much money different workers in Nigeria can make. These workers can be in different places like government offices or private companies. When workers get promotions or raises, this chart also shows how their salaries go up. The government keeps an eye on this chart through a group called the National Salaries, Incomes, and Wages Commission.

New Government Worker Salaries

The government, along with the National Salaries, Incomes, and Wages Commission, has decided on a new salary scale that starts in 2023. This change happened because the government said everyone who starts working in the Nigerian civil service at a certain level should get at least N360,000 every year.

Understanding Salaries for Level 8 Workers

Some folks have said that the salaries for Level 8 government workers are not high enough. But many new graduates still aim for these jobs. The pay for Level 8 workers can be different depending on where they work. Here’s a rough idea:

1. People with a diploma who start at a certain level can make about N43,163.75 each month.

2. Others starting at a different level might earn around N30,316.17 every month.

3. If you have a diploma and start at a higher level, you could make roughly N65,041.75 monthly.

Pay in Specific Government Agencies

1. Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC):

NCC is known for paying its workers well. New employees can make at least N12,000 each month. But if you have lots of experience, you might earn as much as N380,000 per month.

2. Nigerian Police Force:

The police might have some issues, but they still pay their Level 8 officers reasonably well. Starting at about N128,000 per month, though it might be different depending on your job.


Understanding the IPPIS Salary Structure for Nigerian workers in 2023 is important if you plan to work for the government. The new pay scale aims to make sure government workers get paid fairly. It’s good to know about these changes, whether you’re a new graduate or someone already working for the government. Knowing your salary can help you make smart career decisions in Nigeria.

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