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Ramadan Booth net worth 2023: | Biography | Phone Number

Ramadan Booth net worth 2023

Ramadan Booth, a talented actor in Kannywood, has won many hearts with his great acting. But who is he behind the scenes? In this blog, we’ll talk about Ramadan Booth’s early life, education, career, what he has achieved, and how much he’s worth.

Ramadan Booth Early Life

Ramadan Booth was born in Kano State, Nigeria, on May 7, 1989. His mom, Zainab Booth, is a famous Kannywood actress. Growing up in a family connected to the movie world influenced his journey.

Ramadan Booth Education

He studied in Kano State for his primary and secondary education. Later, he continued his studies in college, which helped him prepare for his career in acting.

Ramadan Booth Career

Ramadan Booth’s mom and other top Kannywood actors like Ali Nuhu and Umar M Shareef helped him get into the film industry. He became well-known after starring in “Ja Ni Mu Je.” Since then, he has acted in many movies, showing his talent and versatility.

Some of his famous movies include:

– Ja Ni Mu Je- Gwarzon Shekara- So Da So- Allan siyasa- Matar mu ce- Ga Da ga- Safeena- Sadakar yallah- Auren jeka nayi ka- Talaka bawan Allah- Wutar gaba- Izzar so- Gamu nan Dai- Bana Bakwai- Ra’eesa- Sanam- Hakimatus sadiya- Wutar kara- Yaki a soyayya- IzzatuThese films prove that Ramadan Booth is a talented actor who can captivate audiences.

Ramadan Booth Achievements

Ramadan Booth’s hard work has earned him awards and recognition. He is a respected actor in Kannywood, and fans and fellow actors appreciate his dedication.

Ramadan Booth Net Worth

While we don’t have the exact details of Ramadan Booth’s net worth, we can assume that he has earned well from his successful acting career. His role in many hit movies, awards, and popularity in the industry all contribute to his financial success.Ramadan Booth’s journey from Kano State to Kannywood stardom shows that with dedication and talent, anyone can achieve their dreams. As he continues to shine in the world of Nigerian cinema, his net worth is likely to grow. Keep an eye on this rising star!

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