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Salvo Agency Ibadan Recruitment: Join Salvo Agency in 2023 as a Backend Engineer

Salvo Agency Ibadan Recruitment

Are you an experienced backend engineer who loves creating robust and scalable systems? Salvo Agency wants people like you to join our team in 2023. In this blog post, we’ll explain the exciting job opportunity and how you can apply.

Your Jobs

What You’ll Do

As a Backend Engineer at Salvo Agency, your job is to manage how data moves between the server and users. Your main tasks are:

1. Server Logic: Make sure the server’s inner workings are smooth.

2. Database Care: Take care of our main database to keep it working well.

3. High Performance: Make sure the software responds quickly to user requests.

4. Quality Code: Write code that works really well and helps the whole team.

Salvo Agency Ibadan Recruitment Requirements


To do this job, you need:

1. Experience: You should have worked on at least 2 big software systems in the edtech or fintech industry for at least 4 years.

2. Backend Skills: Know how to work with the backend, ideally with .NET (C#).

3. Cloud Knowledge: Understand cloud services like AWS, Azure, or GCP.

4. API Expertise: Be good at creating APIs and working with data in databases like MySQL or Postgres.

5. Security Awareness: Keep things safe when connecting with other systems.

6. Tech Tools: Know your way around Docker and Kubernetes.

7. CI/CD Skills: Understand tools like CircleCI or Jenkins for smooth code deployment.

8. Testing Skills: Be good at testing your code to make sure it works well.

9. Email Expertise: Know your way around SES Email Delivery and other security tools.

10. Code Quality: Write clean, reusable code quickly.

11. Communication Skills: Be able to explain technical things well.

12. Debugging Skills: Be great at finding and fixing problems.

Your Daily Works

What You’ll Be Doing

Every day, you will:

1. Code Development: Create the code that runs our software and make sure it works even when lots of people are using it.

2. Infrastructure: Take care of the tech setup so that code can be updated smoothly without causing any problems.

3. Code Quality: Work closely with other engineers to make sure the code is top-notch.

4. Innovation: Think about new things we can build by keeping up with the latest tech trends.

5. Mentoring: Teach less experienced engineers.

6. Project Leader: Lead some projects and make sure they are done well.

7. Learning: Keep learning about new tech stuff.

Salvo Agency Ibadan Salary

Your Rewards

Joining Salvo Agency has its perks:

1. Good Pay: We offer a competitive salary between 350k – 500k based on your skills and experience.

2. Learning and Growing: Access to training and resources to help you get better at your job.

3. Nice Place to Work: Our office is a comfortable and pleasant place to work.

4. Work-Life Balance: We want you to have a good balance between work and your personal life.

5. Free Lunch: Enjoy a meal on us every day.

How to Apply For Salvo Agency Ibadan Recruitment

Join Us Today

Ready to join us? Here’s how:

1. Go to https://salvoagency.com/jobs/backend-developer/.

2. Fill in your details.

3. Attach your resume.

4. Click “Submit.”

We’ll review your application carefully. If you’re a good fit for our team, we’ll get in touch with you soon. Start your exciting career journey with Salvo Agency today!

Don’t miss out on this chance to advance your career. Apply now and be part of Salvo Agency’s future in 2023!

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