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GTBank Summer Internship Programme 2023

GTBank Summer Internship Programme 2023

Are you a young person looking to learn about banking and get some job training? Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) has something exciting for you – the Summer Internship Programme 2023! This special chance is open to people all over Nigeria who want to know more about how banks work, gain work experience, and learn while doing so.

What is the GTBank Summer Internship Programme?

This programme lets you help out our Transaction Services team in their everyday work. You’ll get to see how banking happens, pick up useful skills, and grow personally and professionally.

Who Can Apply?

To join in on this adventure, you need to:

1. Write a Letter: Make a letter that tells us why you want to join GTBank. Show us your excitement!

2. Ask Your Parents: If you’re younger than 18, get permission from your parents or guardian.

3. Take a Photo: Give us a good photo of yourself with a plain white background.

4. Talk Well: Be good at talking and listening. Numbers are important too!

5. Be Ready to Learn: Be eager to learn new things from the experts.

6. Show Your Age: Prove how old you are with your birth certificate or a sworn statement.

7. Make a CV: Write a clear CV that talks about your education, skills, and any work you’ve done before.

How to Apply For GTBank Summer Internship Programme 2023

Ready to start this exciting journey? Here’s how:

1. Click here to go to the application form.

2. Fill in the form with all your correct information.

3. Upload all the papers we need, like your letter, permission (if needed), photo, birth proof, and your CV.

4. Hit the submit button.

Why Choose GTBank for Your Summer Internship?

– Top Bank: GTBank is a well-known and trusted bank in Nigeria. They’re famous for being good at what they do.

– Learn and Grow: This internship will teach you things you can’t learn in school. It’ll make you better for the future.

– Meet New People: You’ll meet experts and people who can help you later in your career.

– Skill Up: Improve how you talk, deal with numbers, and solve problems by doing real work.

– For Everyone: No matter where you are in Nigeria, GTBank has internships for you.

Don’t miss this chance to start your career journey with GTBank’s Summer Internship Programme 2023. Apply now and get started on your path in the world of banking and finance.

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