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American University of Nigeria (AUN) Recruitment 2023

American University of Nigeria (AUN) Recruitment 2023

Are you looking for a great job opportunity at a top-notch university in Africa? The American University of Nigeria (AUN) is hiring an Administrative Assistant for Academic Advising. This job is not just about work; it’s a chance to be part of a diverse team and help education in Africa. In this blog, we’ll talk about this job and how to apply.

About AUN

The American University of Nigeria was made to fill the gap for a fantastic university in sub-Saharan Africa. AUN’s goal is to give students a high-quality education and skills to tackle problems in Africa and beyond.

Job Title: Administrative Assistant, Academic Advising

Location: Adamawa

Job Rules

As an Admin Assistant, you’ll play a big role in AUN’s Academic Advising team. Your job includes:

1. Helping People: Welcome students, teachers, and visitors kindly and help them when they need it.

2. Sort Out Messages: Take calls, emails, and questions and send them to the right people for answers.

3. Make the Place Nice: Keep the front desk clean and friendly.

4. Plan Appointments: Help students set up meetings with advisors and make sure advisors have time for them.

5. Remember Meetings: Send reminders about meetings to students and advisors.

6. Handle Mail: Take care of incoming and outgoing letters and packages.

7. Help Students: Give basic info about school programs and where to find help on campus.

8. Keep Records: Keep student records organized, like their academic plans and progress reports.

9. Put in Data: Enter data into computer systems, so everything is correct.

10. Make Reports: Make reports and summaries when needed.

11. Support Advisors: Help advisors with tasks like making copies, scanning, and filing papers.

12. Plan Events: Arrange meetings, workshops, and events for the advising office.

13. Do Other Stuff: Do other jobs as needed.

Requirements For AUN Recruitment

To get this job, you need:

– A degree from a good university.

– Good speaking and writing skills.

– The ability to do many things and pick the most important ones.

– Being nice to people and acting like a professional.

– It helps if you know about advising in school or college.

– Three years of work in an office.

– Being good at using Microsoft Office (like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

– Keeping things organized and paying close attention to details.

How to Apply For American University of Nigeria (AUN) Recruitment

Ready to apply? Here’s what you do:

1. Go to this website: Apply Here.

2. Fill out the form and give them all the stuff they need.

3. Make sure you send your application before September 14, 2023.


AUN treats everyone fairly and doesn’t pick based on things like your race, religion, or where you’re from.


Come join the American University of Nigeria and help shape the future of African leaders. As an Administrative Assistant, you’ll be part of a friendly team and help students succeed. Don’t miss this chance to make a difference – apply today and become part of the AUN family

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