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Dangote Refinery Recruitment 2023 | Dangote Refinery Job Opportunity

Dangote Refinery Recruitment 2023

Are you a fresh graduate looking for a great job? Well, the Dangote Refinery is hiring in 2023! In this blog post, we’ll give you all the information you need to apply for a job there.

Dangote Refinery Recruitment Requirements

To work at Dangote Refinery, you need to:

– Work Well in a Team: Be good at working with others and thinking things through.

– Be Open to New Ideas: Be willing to try new things.

– Know About Dangote: It’s good if you know about Dangote Group.

– Be Well-Behaved: Always behave nicely.

– Finish Tasks on Time: Be able to finish your work even if you have many things to do.

– Have a Diploma or Degree: You need to have a diploma or degree from a recognized school.

– Persuade People: Be good at convincing people.

– Have ID: You need a valid ID like a driver’s license, National ID, passport, or voter’s card.

– Know Computer: Knowing how to use computers is a plus.

– Be Ready for Change: Be okay with working in a new place.

– Talk Well: Be able to communicate clearly.

– Have Some Work Experience: If you’ve worked before, that’s great.

– Meet Age Limit: Be under 35 years old.

– Have Good Grades: For your O’levels, you need at least five credits, including English.

How to Apply For Dangote Refinery Recruitment

To apply for a job at Dangote Refinery:

1. Go to the Dangote Group website

2. Click on “Career” or “Job Openings” at the top of the page.

3. Look at the jobs available.

4. Follow the instructions carefully.

5. Fill in all the information they ask for.

6. Double-check your info.

7. Click “Submit.”

If you’re chosen, they’ll email you about the next steps.

When’s the Deadline?

We don’t know the deadline yet. Keep checking our website for updates.


Dangote Refinery is a great place to start your career. You can learn, grow, and make a difference. Keep an eye on our website for updates, and if you have questions, feel free to ask. Your future at Dangote Group is waiting for you!

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