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Join Mikano International Ltd as an Administrative Officer

Join Mikano International Ltd as an Administrative Officer

Are you looking for a job where you can help manage things at a company that deals with power, real estate, and construction in Nigeria? Mikano International Ltd, a big Nigerian company, needs someone to help them with office work and human resources. They want someone who can make sure everything runs smoothly.

About Mikano International Ltd

Mikano International Ltd is a Nigerian company that does different things like making power machines and buildings. They use modern technology and have smart people and machines to make these things.

Position: Administrative Officer

Job Description

As an Administrative Officer at Mikano International Ltd, your job is important. You will help with different tasks related to people at the company and office work. Here’s what you’ll do:


1. Help HR and Development: Assist in making plans to find and support good people for the company.

2. Guide People: Give advice about the company rules and ways of doing things.

3. Recruit People: Help find new employees by making job descriptions and putting up job ads.

4. Welcome New Employees: Make sure new employees feel comfortable and get what they need when they start working.

5. Teach and Improve: Create and run programs to help employees learn and get better at their jobs.

6. Manage Work Performance: Help with evaluating how well employees are doing their jobs.

7. Handle Problems: Support the company when there are issues between employees and solve them fairly.

8. Keep Records: Keep all the documents about employees and projects organized and safe.

9. Follow the Rules: Make sure the company follows the laws and rules about employment.

10. Office Help: Assist with various office tasks.

11. Talk to Others: Answer questions from people outside the company in a friendly and quick way, both in speaking and writing.

12. Work with Others: Help with projects that involve people from other places.

13. Keep Secrets: Make sure you don’t share private information about people at work.

Qualifications and Requirements

– You should have a Bachelor’s Degree in something related to this job.

– You need to have worked in a similar role for at least 4 years in a good company.

– Having a professional certificate in HR is a plus.

– You should be good at dealing with people and talking with them.

– This job prefers male candidates.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in this job and think you’re a good fit, send your CV to [email protected]. In the email subject, write “HR/Administrative Officer.”

Application Deadline: October 5, 2023

Don’t miss this chance to be part of Mikano International Ltd, a company that’s making a big impact in Nigeria’s power, real estate, and construction industries. Join them and make a difference in your career today!

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