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Hotel Jobs In Lagos: Store / Inventory Officer at Blu Atlantic Hotel

Hotel Jobs In Lagos

Are you searching for a job in a fancy hotel? Blu Atlantic Hotel in Lekki, Lagos, is looking for someone to be their Store / Inventory Officer. This blog post will explain what this job is all about and how you can apply for it.

What a Store / Inventory Officer Does

As a Store / Inventory Officer at Blu Atlantic Hotel, your main job is to make sure the hotel has all the things it needs to work well. Here are the things you will do:

1. Getting and Sending Stuff

You will get things that come to the hotel and send things out to the right places. It’s like making sure everything is in the right spot.

2. Keeping Track of Things

You’ll need to check how much stuff we have in the hotel regularly. This way, we know when to order more things. You’ll also keep good records of everything to make sure we don’t lose track.

3. Keeping Things Clean

You have to make sure the places where we keep things are clean and neat. This is really important, especially for things like food.

4. Keeping Records

You will write down all the important information about the things we get and send. This helps us know what’s happening.

5. Working with Others

You’ll work closely with the people who buy things for the hotel. If there are problems with deliveries, you’ll help solve them.

6. Being Safe and Following Rules

You need to follow safety rules, especially for food. You’ll also look professional and speak nicely to people.

7. Checking Things

You will count the things we have from time to time to make sure they match what we have in our records. If they don’t match, you’ll tell someone.

8. Solving Problems

If something is not moving fast, you’ll tell us so we don’t buy too much. You’ll also help with money matters.

9. Pricing and Cleaning Up

You’ll make sure we know how much our things are worth. If we have things we don’t need anymore, you’ll help get rid of them.


To do this job well, you should have:

– A college degree in a business-related field.

– Some experience, but you don’t need to be an expert.

– Good at organizing things and paying attention to detail.

– Know how to use a computer for everyday work.

– Be friendly and ready to work with a team.

Store / Inventory Officer Salary at Blu Atlantic Hotel

You’ll get paid N90,000 every month for this job.

When to Apply

You have until September 14, 2023, to apply for this job.

How to Apply for Store / Inventory Officer Job at Blu Atlantic Hotel

If you want this job, send your CV/Resume to [email protected]. Don’t forget to write “Store / Inventory Officer” in the email subject.

Come join the team at Blu Atlantic Hotel and start your new job adventure today

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