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Administrative Assistant Position at the US Embassy of Nigeria

Administrative Assistant Position at the US Embassy of Nigeria

Are you looking for a job as an Administrative Assistant? The US Embassy in Nigeria has an exciting job opportunity for you! They are searching for someone to join their team and help with administrative tasks. If you have the right skills and are interested in working at the embassy, read on to learn more.

About the US Embassy of Nigeria

The US Embassy of Nigeria is like an office for the United States in Nigeria. They want to hire people for jobs, and they treat everyone fairly, no matter where they come from or what they believe in.Job Title: Administrative Assistant**

Job Rule

As an Administrative Assistant at the US Embassy of Nigeria, your job will be to help with office work. You’ll be part of the team that makes sure everything runs smoothly at the embassy. This team has about 220 American workers and 900 local staff in Abuja and Lagos. Your main job is to help the boss and make sure things get done right. Sometimes, you’ll also work on special projects. You need to be very good at keeping secrets because you’ll need a high-level security clearance.


– You should have worked in an office, as a manager, or doing important work for at least five years, either in the US government or at a big company.

What You Should Know:

– You should be good at English and know how to write business letters.- You should understand what’s needed for big events and visits.- You should know who the important people in the Department are.- You should know all the rules about gifts, cars, buying things, working extra hours, getting extra money, and behaving well.- You should also understand how the US government and the embassy work.


– You need to have a degree in Liberal Arts, Business Administration, or Public Administration.Location: Abuja, NigeriaSalary: You’ll earn $50,662 every year.

How to Apply:

If you’re interested and meet the requirements, you can apply by clicking on the button below:Apply HereApplication Deadline: October 4, 2023Join the US Embassy team and be part of something important. Your new career as an Administrative Assistant is just a click away!

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