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Federal Teachers Scheme Recruitment 2023

Federal Teachers Scheme Recruitment 2023

Are you interested in joining the Federal Teachers Scheme (FTS) 2023 recruitment? It’s a program by the Nigerian government to hire teachers for schools. To help you apply successfully, we’ll explain the process, requirements, and what happens during the selection.

How to Apply for FTS 2023

1. Visit the Website: When it’s time to apply, go to the FTS website www.fts.admissions.cloud/home. They’ll tell you when the website is ready.

2. Read Instructions: Make sure you understand what to do by reading the instructions on the website.

3. Create an Account: Click on “Create Account” to begin your application. Give the right information.

4. Log in: After making your account, log in to access it.

5. Fill Out the Form: Complete the form carefully and add the documents they ask for. Check everything before you send it.

Requirements to Qualify

To join FTS, you need to meet these conditions:

1. Education: You must have one of these:

   – Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE)

   – Bachelor’s Degree in Education (B.Ed)

   – Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

2. Age: You should be below 35 years old.

3. Good Grades: Your degree should be at least a second class (lower division).

4. No Job: You shouldn’t have a job right now.

5. Teaching Subjects: You should be able to teach these subjects:

   – English Language/Literature

   – Mathematics

   – Integrated Science

   – Physics

   – Chemistry

   – Biology

   – Agricultural Science

   – Home Economics

   – Technical/Technology Education

Selection Process

After applying, there will be a selection process. This could be a test on a computer or written. It’s essential to get ready for this because it helps decide who gets picked.

During the selection, they’ll check your documents to make sure they match what you sent. So, be honest and accurate.


Becoming an FTS teacher is a great way to help Nigerian schools. By following the application steps, meeting the requirements, and getting ready for the selection, you can increase your chances of becoming a teacher and making a difference. Keep an eye on the FTS website for updates and visit it often to stay informed about the latest news

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