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International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) Jobs: Safety Advisor Mobile Role

International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) Jobs

Are you interested in helping aid workers stay safe in challenging places? The International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) wants you! Established in 2011, INSO is a British charity that helps keep aid workers safe by creating safety plans in difficult areas. INSO offers free services to registered NGOs, like tracking incidents, giving safety reports, and providing training.

Job Overview

Job Title: Safety Advisor – Mobile

Location: Abuja

Deadline: Apply by 29th September 2023

As a Safety Advisor Mobile, your job is essential. You step in when the regular advisors can’t, making sure safety rules are always followed. You also help teams learn from each other and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Key Responsibilities

1. Filling in the Gaps: When other advisors can’t be there, you step in to keep everyone safe.

2. Helping and Training: You share the best ways to stay safe with different teams and check that everyone follows the rules.

3. Giving Advice: You help NGOs with safety and security and teach them how to handle tough situations.

4. Bringing People Together: You organize meetings so NGOs can talk about safety and work together.

5. Handling Crises: You help NGOs plan for emergencies and guide them when something goes wrong.

6. Staying Informed: You build connections with other organizations to get the latest safety information.

7. Sharing Information: You give NGOs the latest safety news and reports to help them make good decisions.

8. Keeping Us Safe: You make sure our office in Abuja is secure.


– Education: You should have a Master’s degree in a related field or something similar.

– Language: You need to be good at speaking and writing in English.

– Skills: You should be good at writing, editing, and thinking carefully.

– Experience: You need to have worked with NGOs and know about safety and helping people in tough places.

– Being Strong: You can handle stress and work well even when it’s busy.

– Managing: You’re good at organizing things and working with people from different backgrounds.

Good to Have

– Know the Area: It’s great if you know a lot about Northeast, Northwest, or North-Central Nigeria.

– Connections: If you know people and groups in the area, that’s a plus.

– Local Language: If you speak the local language, that’s even better.

What We Look for in You

– Listening: You’re good at hearing what others say.

– Talking: You can talk to people and explain things well.

– Thinking: You’re good at figuring out tricky problems.

– Teamwork: You like working with others and do it well.

If you’re ready to help make the world safer for aid workers and the people they help, INSO wants you!

How to Apply For International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) Jobs

Send your application to mailto:[email protected] with “Safety Advisor Mobile + [Your Name]” in the subject.

Deadline: Apply before 29th September 2023

Note: Your application should have:

– A letter saying why you’re a good fit and what you bring to INSO.

– Your CV (no more than 4 pages).

– A sample of your writing in English (no more than 10 pages) that shows you can explain things well.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of a team that’s making the world safer for aid workers and the communities they serve. Apply today

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