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How To Apply Osun State University Recruitment 2023

osun state university recruitment 2023

Osun State University is looking for new employees. They want to hire people who can help make the university better. This blog post will tell you about the jobs they have and what you need to get one of these jobs.

About Osun State University

Osun State University is a school in Nigeria. They want to teach their students well so they can do good things for their community and the world.

Job Openings

They have many different jobs available. Here is a list of these jobs:

1. Teacher II (for Renewable and Natural Resources)

2. Teacher I (for Renewable and Natural Resources)

3. Senior Teacher (for Renewable and Natural Resources)

4. Teacher II (for Computing and Information Technology)

5. Teacher I (for Computing and Information Technology)

6. Senior Teacher (for Computing and Information Technology)

7. Associate Professor (for Computing and Information Technology)

8. Teacher II (for Education)

9. Teacher I (for Education)

10. Teacher II (for Management Sciences)

11. Teacher I (for Management Sciences)

12. Senior Teacher (for Management Sciences)

13. Associate Professor (for Management Sciences)

14. Senior Teacher (for Education)

15. Associate Professor (for Education)

16. Associate Professor (for Pure and Applied Sciences)

17. Senior Teacher (for Pure and Applied Sciences)

18. Teacher II (for Pure and Applied Sciences)

19. Senior Teacher (for Social Sciences)

20. Associate Professor (for Social Sciences)

21. Teacher I (for Basic Medical Sciences)

22. Teacher II (for Basic Medical Sciences)

23. Senior Teacher (for Basic Medical Sciences)

24. Associate Professor (for Basic Medical Sciences)

25. Associate Professor (for Liberal Sciences)

26. Senior Teacher (for Liberal Sciences)

27. Teacher II (for Liberal Sciences)

28. Teacher I (for Liberal Sciences)

29. Teacher I (for Social Sciences)

30. Teacher II (for Social Sciences)

Osun State University Recruitment Requirements

To get one of these jobs, you need to have some important things:

Academic Qualifications

– You need to have a good First Degree (it should be at least Second Class Lower Division) in the right field.

– You also need to have a Doctorate Degree in the same field.

– If you have published work in important journals in and outside Nigeria, it’s even better.

– You should be active on Google Scholar, Research Gate, and Scopus.

General Requirements

– You should have degrees and certificates that match the job you want.

– It’s good if people can find your work on Google Scholars, Research Gates, SCOPUS, Web of Science, and other places like that.

– You should be good with technology.

– If you want a job in the Computing and Information Technology department, you need to have special certificates like Python, Certified Information Technology Professional certificate, CISCO Certified Network Associate Certificate, and more.

– They like it if you can talk and write well.

How to Apply For Osun State University Recruitment

To apply for these jobs, follow these steps:

1. Send thirty (30) copies of your Application and CV (a list of things about you), including:

   – Your name (last name should be in capital letters)

   – The job you want

   – Where and when you were born

   – If you’re married or not

   – Your next of kin’s name, address, and phone number

   – How many children you have and how old they are

   – If you’re Nigerian, where you’re from

   – If you’re from Osun State, your local government

   – How to contact you (phone numbers and email)

   – Where you live

   – Schools you went to and when

   – Degrees and certificates you have and when you got them

   – Your Google Scholar account

   – Jobs you had and when

   – Your current job and how much you get paid

   – If you wrote any books or articles

   – What else you do besides work

   – Three people who can say good things about you and their contact information.

2. Put all this in an envelope and send it to:

   The Registrar,

   Osun State University,

   P.M.B. 4494, Osogbo,

   Osun State.

3. Also, send a digital copy of your Application, CV, and reports from the people who can say good things about you to: [email protected]. Put the job you want in the email subject.

Important Things to Remember

– Ask the people who will say good things about you to send their reports to the Registrar.

– Only the people who are chosen will get an email or call.


You need to send your application before September 20, 2023.


Osun State University has exciting job opportunities for people who want to make a difference. If you meet the requirements and are passionate about education, apply today. Join Osun State University in its mission to educate future leaders and make a positive impact on the community and the world.

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