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5 Things You Must Do on JAMB Exam Day 2024/2025

JAMB exam day marks a significant milestone for Nigerian students aspiring to pursue higher education. It’s a day filled with anticipation, nerves, and the opportunity to showcase months of preparation.

To ensure a smooth and successful experience, here are five crucial things you must do on JAMB exam day based on past candidates’ experiences and official guidelines from JAMB:

1. Confirm Your Exam Details:

Begin by verifying your exam date, time, and venue. This information can be found on your JAMB profile or by printing your examination slip. Confirming these details well in advance—ideally a week before the exam—will prevent any confusion or last-minute adjustments.

2. Arrive Early:

Punctuality is key on exam day. Aim to arrive at the exam center at least two hours before your scheduled exam time. This early arrival allows ample time for verification processes and familiarizing yourself with the exam environment, reducing stress and avoiding potential delays.

3. Bring Required Documents and Materials:

Ensure you have all necessary documents and materials, including your JAMB examination slip, registration slip, and a valid means of identification. Additionally, carry a clear bag to store your belongings. Remember to leave prohibited items such as electronic devices, writing materials, and food or drinks at home to avoid disqualification.

4. Follow Instructions:

Listen attentively to invigilators and supervisors and adhere to their instructions throughout the exam. Avoid engaging in any form of malpractice or misconduct, and raise your hand if you have any questions or concerns. Respect the exam environment and fellow candidates to maintain a conducive atmosphere for all.

5. Manage Time Wisely:

With a total of four subjects and 50 questions per subject, time management is crucial. Allocate sufficient time to each section, read questions carefully, and avoid rushing through answers. Familiarize yourself with the computer-based test (CBT) software beforehand to navigate efficiently and review your responses.


JAMB exam day demands thorough preparation and adherence to guidelines for a successful outcome. By following these essential tips, you can boost your chances of achieving your desired score and advancing towards your academic goals.

We wish all candidates the best of luck on their JAMB exam and admission journey.

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