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Muma Gee net  Worth 2023: | Biography | Phone Number

Muma Gee net  Worth 2023

Muma Gee Early life

Muma Gee, whose real name is Gift Iyumame Uwame Eke, was born on November 18th, 1978, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. She’s well-known for her talents in singing, songwriting, acting, business, fashion, TV, and even politics. She had a strict Christian upbringing and discovered her love for music when she was very young, singing in her local church choir.

Muma Gee School Days

She went to school in Abuja, Nigeria, where she completed both her primary and secondary education and even earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Port Harcourt.

Muma Gee  Career

After finishing university, Muma Gee started various businesses, including a car leasing company, a restaurant, a tailor shop, and a beauty salon. At the same time, she began making music and performing in nightclubs and bars in Port Harcourt. Her big break came in 2004 when she released her hit song “Kade” and later her first album in 2006.In 2010, she took part in a famous Nigerian reality TV show called Gulder Ultimate Search, which helped boost her fame. She also released her second album, “The Woman in Question,” in the same year, featuring songs like “Amebo” and “African Juice.” Muma Gee collaborated with many other artists and producers.Aside from her music career, she also tried acting and appeared in Nollywood movies like “Secret Code,” “Last Dance,” “Solid Affection,” and “The Code.” She is currently associated with Black Attraction Productions, Mgee Records, and Geeklips Entertainment.

Muma Gee Achievements

Muma Gee has won several titles and awards, like “Oonyon 1 of Upata Kingdom,” “Queen of African Music,” “Pop Queen,” and “Mrs. Ngor-Okpala.” Her song “Kade” from 2006 got nominated for various awards, including the AMEN Awards, Nigerian Music Video Awards, Headies Awards, and Sound City Music Video Awards.In 2009, she received four nominations at the 3rd edition of the Nigerian Music Video Awards, showing her consistent impact on the music scene.

Muma Gee net Worth

Although we don’t have exact figures, we can assume that Muma Gee has earned a good amount of money throughout her diverse career. She’s been involved in many different ventures, and her success in music and entertainment likely means she has a substantial net worth. However, the exact number is not publicly known. Muma Gee’s journey from a small village in Nigeria to a multi-talented entertainment icon is a story of talent and hard work. While we may not know her exact net worth, her legacy in the Nigerian entertainment industry continues to shine.

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