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BUA Cement Recruitment 2023

BUA Cement Recruitment 2023

Are you someone who cares deeply about safety and the environment? Are you interested in working with a leading company in Nigeria’s cement industry? BUA Cement Plc is looking for HSE (Health Safety & Environment) Specialists in 2023, and this could be your chance to be part of our team. Read on to find out how you can join our team and make a difference.

What is the Job?

Position: HSE Specialist  

Who You Report To: Director of Health, Compliance, Safety & Environment (HCSE)  

Where You Work: BUA Cement Plc in Sokoto  

Who You Work With: Everyone at BUA Cement, and also outside organizations like regulatory bodies and environmental groups.

What You Need to Qualify

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Similar: To apply, you should have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or something similar. This education gives you the basics needed for this job.

2. Extra Degrees Are a Plus: If you have more education, like a master’s degree in HSE or a related field, that’s even better. We like people who keep learning.

3. Being Part of Professional Groups Helps: If you’re a member of groups related to this field, it’s a good thing. It shows you’re committed and can connect you with others in the same field.

4. Experience in Process Safety Is a Big Plus: If you’ve worked in process safety before, it’s a big advantage. Your experience will be really useful in making sure our work is safe.

Why BUA Cement?

– We Love New Ideas: At BUA Cement, we’re always trying new things and finding ways to improve. Joining us means you’ll be part of a company that’s always looking for better ways to do things.

– Room to Grow: We believe in helping our employees grow in their careers. You can climb the ladder and learn new things while working with us.

– Safety Matters Most: Safety is super important to us. As an HSE Specialist, you’ll play a big role in making sure everyone is safe at work.

– Make a Real Impact: Your work with us will make a difference. You’ll help us be more responsible for the environment and make our community better.

How to Apply

To grab this amazing opportunity and start your career as an HSE Specialist at BUA Cement Plc, just click on this link:

Apply Now

Take your chance to be part of our team of hardworking people who are making the cement industry safer and more responsible. Apply now and start a great career with BUA Cement.

At BUA Cement Plc, we treat everyone the same, no matter where they’re from or what they’ve done before. We want people from all backgrounds to apply.

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  1. Iam interested Iam under graduate from Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida university Lapai Niger state. My Teaching course is ( Economic/ counseling psychology). I we bee glandfull if my vetail curriculum be accepted.

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