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DJ Splash Net Worth: Biography | Phone Number

DJ Splash Net Worth

DJ Splash, also known as Nicholas Fisker Nielsen, is a famous music producer from Denmark. He’s well-known for making catchy songs like “Flying High,” “Bass Is Kicking,” and “Always and Forever.” In this blog post, we’ll learn about DJ Splash’s early life, his education, how he became successful, his achievements, and how much money he’s made.

DJ Splash Early Life

Nick, the person behind DJ Splash, fell in love with making music when he was young. He was born in Denmark, and when he was a teenager, he started playing around with music software on his computer. Little did he know, this would lead him to become a famous music producer.

DJ Splash Education

We don’t know much about DJ Splash’s formal education. What’s important is that he taught himself how to make music. He used a program called FL Studio to create his music. He got better by practicing a lot and working hard.

DJ Splash Career

DJ Splash’s music career started when he began sharing his songs online. People liked what they heard, and soon his music became popular. Some of his early songs, like “Once Again” and “No Limit,” helped him get noticed. In 2005, he joined a music forum called Euroadrenaline, where other artists remixed his songs. This is when he made songs like “Bass is Kicking” and “This is My Life.” His music became a hit on YouTube, with millions of people listening to his tracks.

It’s important to know that DJ Splash is more of a music producer than a traditional DJ who plays music at parties. He creates his music on a computer, which some people still call DJing.

DJ Splash Achievements

DJ Splash has achieved a lot in his career. His songs, like “Flying High” and “Always and Forever,” are very popular in the electronic music scene. Many people love his music and consider it to be some of the best in the genre.

DJ Splash Net Worth

Now, let’s talk about DJ Splash’s money. His net worth is estimated to be about 30 million naira. This is a lot of money, and it shows how successful he was in his music career.


DJ Splash’s story is one of a young Danish guy who followed his passion for music and became a big success. His songs are loved by many, and he’s earned a lot of money because of his talent. Even though he took a break from making music, his music will continue to inspire others for a long time. As for whether DJ Splash will come back to make more music, only time will tell.

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