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Rahama Hassan net worth 2023: | Biography | Phone Number

Rahama Hassan, a famous actress in the Kannywood film industry, has won hearts with her acting skills and beauty. She was born on July 21, 1988, in Kaduna, Nigeria. Let’s explore Rahama’s early life, education, career, achievements, and her impressive net worth in this easy-to-understand blog post.

Rahama Hassan  Early Life

Rahama grew up in Kaduna, Nigeria, in a big family with five siblings. She is the oldest among them. Rahama is from the Nupe tribe and follows the Muslim religion.

Rahama Hassan  Education

Rahama went to the Police Secondary School in Minna, Niger State. After that, she studied Business Administration at the University of Abuja, which helped her gain important skills for her future.

Rahama Hassan  Career

Rahama started her acting journey when she got her first role in the movie “Musanya.” Her talent shone bright, and she acted in many more movies like “Qudsiyya,” “Yan’uwa,” and “Wasan Maza.” But it was her role in “Rudin Zamani” that made her a star.

Rahama Hassan  Achievements

During her career, Rahama Hassan won awards and got nominated for her excellent work. One of her big achievements was winning the Best Actress Award at the Filmbiz Entrepreneurship Awards. This award recognized her as an outstanding actress.

Rahama Hassan  Net Worth

Rahama Hassan has done well in her career and has earned an estimated net worth of $1 million. She made most of her money from acting and other business ventures.

Rahama Hassan  Movies

Rahama acted in many exciting films, including:

– ‘Yan Uwa’

– ‘Addini ko Al ‘Ada’

– ‘Alhini’

– ‘Bahijjah’

– ‘Bani Adam’ (2012)

– ‘Daga Allah Ne’ (2015)

– ‘Dan Marayan Zaki’ (2012)

– ‘Fari Da Baki’ (2013)

– ‘Gaskiya Dokin Karfe’

– ‘Hannu Da Yawa’ (2012)

– ‘Hijira’ (2013)

– ‘Kudissiya’

– ‘Lamiraj’ (2013)

– ‘Makuwa’ (The Uncertainty)

– ‘Maryam Diyana’

– ‘Maza Da Mata’ (2012)

– ‘Musanya’

– ‘Ni Matar Aure Ce’

– ‘Qudisiyya’

– ‘Rudani’ (2011)

– ‘Rudin Zamani’

– ‘Sandar Kiwo’ (2011)

– ‘Sarauta’ (2010)

– ‘Ummina’ (2010)

– ‘Wasan Maza’

– ‘Wata Rayuwa’ (2013)

– ‘Zarar Bunu’ (2011)

– ‘Zo Muje’

Rahama Hassan  FAQs

How old is Rahama Hassan?

Rahama Hassan was born on July 21, 1988, which makes her 35 years old.

Where is Rahama Hassan from?

Rahama Hassan is from Kaduna, Nigeria.

What is Rahama Hassan’s real name?

Rahama Hassan’s full name is Rahama Muhammad.

What movies has Rahama Hassan starred in?

Rahama Hassan acted in many movies, including Dry, Musanya, Qudsiyya, Yan’uwa, and Wasan Maza.

Is Rahama Hassan married?

Yes, Rahama Hassan is married to Alhaji Usman El-Kudan.

What is Rahama Hassan’s phone number?

Rahama Hassan’s phone number is not publicly available, but you can reach her through her social media accounts.

Rahama Hassan’s journey to success shows that hard work and talent can take you far. She has earned awards and a significant net worth through her acting career. While she values her family and charity work, Rahama continues to captivate audiences with her amazing performances on the screen.

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