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Nura M Inuwa Net Worth 2023: | Biography | Phone Number

Nura M Inuwa Net Worth 2023

Nura M Inuwa is a famous musician in Nigeria, known for his songs in the Hausa language. Let’s learn about his life, education, career, achievements, and how much money he’s worth as of 2021.

Nura M Inuwa Early Life

Nura M Inuwa was born in 1989 in Kano State. He grew up in the lively Gwamaja area of Kano. His childhood in this vibrant place likely influenced his love for music.

Nura M Inuwa Education

Nura went to Masaka Special Primary School and later attended Gwamaja II Secondary School, where he finished his SSCE.

Nura M Inuwa Career

Nura M Inuwa started his music career in 2007. He sings mainly in Hausa, and his songs are often featured in Kannywood movies. Songs like “Zurfin Ciki,” “Rai Dai,” and “Aisha Humaira” made him popular.

He’s not just a singer but also a movie producer. He has produced over 10 films, working with top Kannywood actors.

Nura M Inuwa Achievements

Nura M Inuwa has over 200 Hausa songs to his name. These songs have won him awards and recognition in Nigeria. People love how his music captures Hausa culture and emotions.

Nura M Inuwa Net Worth

In 2021, Nura M Inuwa was estimated to be worth around N20 million Naira. This makes him one of the richest Hausa musicians in Nigeria.

Nura M Inuwa Nura M Inuwa Profile

– Name: Nura M Inuwa

– Age: 32 years old

– Place of Birth: Kano State

– Date of Birth: 1989

– Profession: Singer, Songwriter

– Tribe: Hausa

– Religion: Muslim

– Marital Status: Married to Amina Tijjani

– Net Worth: N20 Million Naira

Nura M Inuwa’s journey from growing up in Gwamaja to becoming a well-known Hausa musician and movie producer is truly inspiring. His music, which speaks to Hausa culture, has made him a favorite among fans. As he continues to create beautiful music and contribute to Kannywood, Nura M Inuwa’s star is sure to shine even brighter in the future. Share your thoughts on this talented artist in the comments below!

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