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Lawan Ahmad net worth 2023: | Biography | Phone Number

Lawan Ahmad net worth 2023

In the exciting world of Nigerian movies, Lawan Ahmad shines brightly as one of the best actors. He’s famous for his acting skills in Kannywood, a Nigerian film industry. Born on March 13, 1982, in Bakori, Katsina State, Lawan Ahmad has an inspiring story. Let’s explore his life, education, career, achievements, and how much he’s worth.

Lawan Ahmad Early Life

Lawan Ahmad’s story starts in Bakori, a small town in Nigeria. He went to Nadabo Primary School in Bakori and then to Government Day Secondary School, where he finished his SSCE certificate.

Lawan Ahmad Education

He had a passion for learning and the arts, so he went on to study at the Federal College of Education in Kano State, Nigeria. This prepared him for his future in the entertainment world.

Lawan Ahmad Career

In 1999, after finishing his education, Lawan Ahmad entered the Kannywood film industry. He began his acting career with a movie called “SIRADI,” acting alongside famous actors. This was just the beginning of a successful career in Kannywood.Lawan Ahmad has appeared in more than 30 movies, leaving a mark with each performance. Some of his notable works include “Zuma,” “Sharhi,” “Bakace,” “Kolo,” “Taraliya,” “Sansani,” “Sai wata rana,” “Wasila,” “Haske,” “Kalamu wahid,” and “Siradi,” among others.

Lawan Ahmad Achievements

Lawan Ahmad’s talent didn’t go unnoticed. He received awards and recognition for his exceptional acting. In 2004, he was nominated as the Best Newcomer at the MTN Awards. He also won the Best Supporting Actor award in 2016 for his role in the movie “DA’IMAN,” also at the MTN Awards.In an interesting twist in his career, Lawan Ahmad didn’t just act; he also started his own movie production company called “BAKORI ENTERTAINMENT.” This company produced successful movies like “Shanya,” “Bani Bake,” “Kolo,” “Sadaukarwa,” “Abun da kayi,” “Dashen so,” “Koni ko ke,” and the popular “Izzar so” series.

Lawan Ahmad Net Worth

Lawan Ahmad’s journey in the world of movies has not only been successful but also profitable. Currently, his estimated net worth is around N10 Million Naira, making him one of the richest Hausa actors in Nigeria.Lawan Ahmad’s life story shows that talent, hard work, and dedication can lead to success. From his early days in Bakori to becoming a leading figure in Kannywood, his journey is an inspiration. With numerous awards and a thriving production company, Lawan Ahmad continues to rise, becoming a true icon in Nigerian cinema.Lawan Ahmad: The Kannywood Star’s Journey to Wealth

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