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How to Calculate JUPEB Points 2024 | A Complete Guide

Gaining admission into a Nigerian university through JUPEB requires understanding how to calculate your JUPEB points. In this straightforward guide for the 2024/2025 academic session, we break down the process step by step.

Know Your Grades

Start by knowing the grades you received in each of the three subjects during the JUPEB examination. Grades range from A (highest) to F (lowest).

Assign Point Values to Your Grades

After determining your grades, assign point values as follows:

  • A: 5 Points
  • B: 4 Points
  • C: 3 Points
  • D: 2 Points
  • E: 1 Point
  • F: 0 Point

Multiply the Point Values by the Subject Units

Each JUPEB subject has a unit value ranging from 1 to 3. Multiply the assigned point value by the unit value for each subject. For example, if you got a B (4 points) in a subject with a unit value of 2, your JUPEB points for that subject would be 8 (4 x 2).

Add up the JUPEB Points

Once you’ve calculated the points for each subject, add them together to get your total JUPEB points. For instance, if you scored 10, 12, and 8 points in your three subjects, your total JUPEB points would be 30 (10 + 12 + 8).

 Determine Your JUPEB Grade

JUPEB grades range from A (highest) to E (lowest) based on total points. The grading system is:

  • 70% – 100%: A (5 Points)
  • 60% – 69%: B (4 Points)
  • 50% – 59%: C (3 Points)
  • 45% – 49%: D (2 Points)
  • 40% – 44%: E (1 Point)
  • 39% – 00%: F (0 Points)

Your grade is determined by where your total JUPEB points fall within these score ranges.

JUPEB Admission Cut-Off Mark 2024:

The JUPEB admission cut-off mark for 2024 is 10 points and above. Keep in mind that each university has its specific cut-off mark, which varies based on the course. Check your desired university’s website or the official JUPEB website for the institution’s cut-off mark.

If your average score meets or exceeds the cut-off mark, you’ll be eligible for admission. This knowledge empowers you to navigate the admission process successfully.

By following these steps, you can confidently calculate your JUPEB points and increase your chances of securing admission into a Nigerian university. Good luck!


Calculating JUPEB points is a simple process involving assigning point values, multiplying by subject units, adding them up, and determining your JUPEB grade. These points are crucial for assessing your eligibility for university admission through JUPEB.

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