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BOC Madaki Biography: Net Worth, Age, Career, Phone Number

BOC Madaki Biography

BOC Madaki, whose real name is Luka Bulus Madaki, was born on September 22, 1993, in Bauchi State, Nigeria. He is a talented rapper who grew up there. He went to Jibril Aminu nursery and primary school and later to Government Day Secondary School Shadawanka, where he finished his high school.

BOC Madaki Career

BOC Madaki’s journey into music started at his church, where he sang with a small group. Despite facing challenges, his love for music never faded. In 2013, he got his big break in the music industry.

He became well-known when he was signed by Toss, a popular music group. Since then, BOC Madaki has released more than 100 songs. He worked with other famous Hausa rappers like Classiq, DJ AB, Kheengz, Morell, and Bash ne pha.

His songs focus on inspiring young people and making a positive change in their live

BOC Madaki Achievements

BOC Madaki’s music has made him one of the best Hausa rappers in Nigeria. He’s not just famous; he’s also inspired many people through his music.

BOC Madaki Net Worth

As of 2022, BOC Madaki’s estimated net worth was 50 Million Naira. This shows how successful he has become in the music industry.

In summary, BOC Madaki journey from a church singer to a famous Hausa rapper is inspiring. His music continues to inspire young people, and his net worth reflects his success in the music world. BOC Madaki’s story is about following your passion and never giving up.

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