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Unimaid Cut Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery 2023

Unimaid Cut Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery

If you want to become a doctor or surgeon and are considering the University of Maiduguri (Unimaid) in 2023, you’ll need to know the minimum score required for admission. In this blog post, we’ll explain the Unimaid cut-off mark for Medicine and Surgery in simple terms, along with other essential information.

What Subjects Do You Need for Medicine and Surgery?

Before we get into cut-off marks, let’s talk about the subjects you need to study in high school to be eligible for Medicine and Surgery at Unimaid. You’ll need to do well in these subjects:

– Biology: It’s important because it’s the science of living things, and that’s crucial for medical studies.

– Chemistry: This subject helps you understand chemicals and reactions, which are part of medical and surgical studies.

– Physics: Physics teaches you about the physical world and its principles, which are relevant to medicine.

– English Language: Good communication is essential in medicine, and English helps with that.

So, make sure you focus on these subjects in high school.

Requirements for Medicine and Surgery at Unimaid

To get into Medicine and Surgery at Unimaid, you also need to meet some other requirements. These include:

– Passing at least five subjects in your O’ Level exams, which should include English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and you should do this in not more than two sittings.

– Getting a good score in your JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board) exam, meeting the specific cut-off mark we’ll talk about next.

– Doing well in the post-UTME screening that Unimaid conducts.

Unimaid Cut-Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery

Here’s the big news: In 2023, the minimum JAMB score you need to be considered for Medicine and Surgery at Unimaid is 220. This score is like a ticket to the next stage of your journey toward becoming a doctor or surgeon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What’s the cut-off mark for Medicine?

A: If you want to study Medicine at Unimaid, you’ll also need a JAMB score of 220.

Q: Can I get into Medicine with a JAMB score of 140?

A: Unfortunately, a JAMB score of 140 won’t get you into the Medicine program at Unimaid. You must meet the required cut-off mark.

In summary, becoming a doctor or surgeon at Unimaid requires hard work and dedication. Make sure you study the right subjects in high school, meet the admission requirements, and aim for a JAMB score equal to or higher than the cut-off mark. Keep an eye on Unimaid’s official sources for any updates. Good luck on your journey to a medical career

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