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Qdot Net Worth 2023: Biography | Phone Number

Qdot Net Worth

Qdot Alagbe, a famous Nigerian singer, is rich! He has about $400,000, which is a lot of money (equal to ₦166,160,000 in Nigerian currency). In this blog post, we’ll talk about Qdot’s early life, schooling, job, achievements, and most importantly, how he made his money.

Qdot Early Life

Qdot Alagbe was born on April 30, 1988, in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria. He grew up in Ibadan and speaks Yoruba really well, which is why people love his music.

Qdot Education

Even though he’s a great musician, Qdot went to school. He got a degree in General Arts from Yaba College Of Technology (YABATECH).

Qdot Career

Qdot didn’t start as a singer; he was a rapper in school. But later, he became a singer. He made his first official song, “Story Of My Life,” in 2010. But the song that made him famous was “Alomo Meta.”

Qdot’s music got even better with hits like “Ibadan,” where he sang with Olamide. He used to be with a record label called Omo Ita Entertainment before starting his own, Yorubadboi Music.

One of his best songs, “Gbese,” was a massive hit and is still popular.

Qdot Achievements

Qdot’s music is so good that both young and old people like it. He’s known for singing in Yoruba, which is why he’s loved by many.

Qdot Net Worth

In 2023, Qdot Alagbe is worth $400,000, which is a lot. He made most of this money from his music and deals with companies.


Qdot Alagbe is a big deal in Nigerian music. He’s worth $400,000 now, and he’s going to get even richer as he keeps making great songs. His story shows that working hard and being good at something can make you rich and famous.

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