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List of JAMB CBT centres in Kaduna State

As the 2024/2025 academic session approaches, it’s important for JAMB candidates in Kaduna State to know about the available Computer-Based Test (CBT) centres. These centres have revolutionized the way entrance examinations are conducted, providing a modern and efficient platform for candidates.

Here’s everything you need to know about JAMB CBT centres in Kaduna State:

Detailed Insights into JAMB CBT Centres in Kaduna

JAMB CBT centres in Kaduna State are equipped with modern computers, reliable internet connections, and adequate power supply to ensure a smooth exam experience. These centres play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of JAMB exams.

Importance of CBT Centres for JAMB Examinations

The transition from paper-based tests to CBT has improved the examination process significantly. CBT centres provide the infrastructure and environment necessary for fair and efficient exams, ensuring that candidates can take their tests without technical hitches.

Locating JAMB CBT Centres in Kaduna State

Kaduna State has several accredited JAMB CBT centres located across major cities and towns. Some notable centres include:

1. Kaduna State University CBT Centre, Kaduna
2. Arewa Computer Technology, Kaduna
3. Zaria Academy CBT Centre, Zaria
4. Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic CBT Centre, Zaria
5. El-Khalil CBT Centre, Kaduna

These centres are strategically positioned for easy accessibility to all candidates within the state.

Preparing for the JAMB Exam at a CBT Centre

Preparation is key to success in JAMB exams. Candidates should practice with past questions and computer-based test software to familiarize themselves with the CBT format. Many CBT centres offer practice sessions to help candidates get accustomed to the exam environment.

Registration Process for JAMB CBT Centres

During JAMB registration, candidates are required to select their preferred CBT centre. It’s essential to choose a centre that is convenient in terms of location and accessibility. The JAMB website provides a list of accredited CBT centres in Kaduna State.

Tips for a Successful JAMB CBT Experience

– Arrive early at the CBT centre.
– Bring your JAMB registration slip and a valid ID card.
– Familiarize yourself with the computer setup.
– Follow instructions carefully.
– Manage your time effectively during the exam.


JAMB CBT centres in Kaduna State provide a vital platform for candidates to take a significant step towards their academic goals. By understanding the importance, locations, preparation strategies, and registration process for these centres, candidates can approach the exams with confidence.

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