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Legal and Compliance Officer Needed at Lotus Financial Services Ltd in Lagos

Legal and Compliance Officer Needed at Lotus Financial Services Ltd in Lagos

Are you a skilled legal professional with a strong background in corporate law, rules, and making sure things are done right? Do you like taking on new tasks and working in a fast-paced team? If yes, we have a great job opportunity for you!

Lotus Financial Services Ltd., a big name in finance, wants to hire a Legal and Compliance Officer in Lagos. If you graduated from the Nigeria Law School, have more than 5 years of legal experience, and have the skills mentioned below, we want you to join our team.


1. Legal Knowledge: You should have a degree from Nigeria Law School and know about corporate law, rules, and finance.

2. Islamic Finance (A Plus): If you know about Islamic finance, that’s even better.

3. Contract Work: You need to be good at making and understanding complex business deals.

4. Smart Planning: You’ll give advice and make plans, so you should be good at thinking ahead and adapting to changes.

5. Team Player: It’s important to work well with others and handle many different tasks.

6. Organization: You need to be good at organizing your work and getting things done on time.

7. Understanding Risk: You should know how to see risks and opportunities in business.

8. Communication: You should be great at talking and writing to people.

9. Independence: You should be able to work on your own with little supervision.

10. Computer Skills: You need to know how to use Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

If you have these skills and are excited about working with us, please apply

How to Apply

To work as our Legal and Compliance Officer at Lotus Financial Services Ltd, send your CV (a document about your work experience) and a good Cover Letter (a letter saying why you want the job) to [email protected]. Please use “Legal and Compliance Officer Application – [Your Name]” as the email subject.

At Lotus Financial Services Ltd, we like having different people on our team, coming up with new ideas, and doing our best. If you’re ready to try new things and help us do great work, please apply.

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