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Kiriku Net Worth: Biography | Career | Education |

In the dynamic world of Nigerian comedy, where talent and humour collide, one name stands out amongst the rest Kiriku, whose real name is Enorense Victor. Born on December 17, 2014, in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, Kiriku has swiftly risen to fame as one of the youngest and most entertaining online child comedians. 

This blog post delves into Kiriku’s early life, education, career, achievements, net worth, and a glimpse into his online presence.

Kiriku Early Life and Education

Kiriku’s roots trace back to Benin City, where he proudly represents both the Orobo and Bini tribes. His infectious charm and comic brilliance were evident from an early age. Despite his tender years, he completed his primary school education in his hometown before embarking on his journey to comedic stardom.

Kiriku Career and Achievements

At the tender age of four, Kiriku embarked on his comedy journey, inspired by the monumental success of Emmanuella from Mark Angel Comedy. His comedic prowess quickly caught the attention of the Nigerian audience, and he began collaborating with fellow internet comedians. His innate boldness set him apart and propelled him into the limelight. Notably, he featured in the comedy “Problem No Dey Complete” alongside renowned Nigerian actress Chizzy Alichi in December 2021.

Kiriku’s talent extends beyond online skits; he fearlessly participated in street acting contests designed to assess the acting abilities of young individuals. Kiriku’s selection and subsequent success paved the way for him to convince his parents to fully support his pursuit of a career in Nigerian comedy. His collaborations with notable comedians such as Sabinus, The Cute Abiola, MC Koko, and Pencil D Comedian further attest to his rising status in the industry.

Kiriku Personal Life

Due to his young age, Kiriku’s personal life remains largely shielded from public scrutiny. However, his passion for comedy and commitment to honing his craft are evident in his performances.

Kiriku Net Worth

In a relatively short span of time, Kiriku has emerged as a rising star in Nigeria’s comedy and entertainment scene. His estimated net worth of $50,000 speaks to both his talent and the growing demand for his unique brand of humour. Notably, in 2022, he made headlines by acquiring two brand new Mercedes Benz cars, a testament to his rising success.

Kiriku ocial Media Presence

Kiriku’s online presence is as vibrant as his performances. With an impressive fanbase on social media, he has amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram alone. His engagement with fans is further exemplified through his active presence on platforms like Twitter, where he can be found under the handle @_kiriiku.


1. When was Kiriku born?

Kiriku was born on December 17, 2014.

2. What is Kiriku net worth?

Kiriku’s estimated net worth is $50,000.

3. What social media platforms is Kiriku active on?

Kiriku is active on Instagram (@kirikuofficial) and Twitter (@_kiriiku).

In the realm of Nigerian comedy, Kiriku has carved out a niche for himself as a prodigious talent. His journey from a young enthusiast to a celebrated online child comedian is a testament to his dedication, creativity, and innate comedic prowess. As he continues to captivate audiences with his distinctive humour, the future holds boundless opportunities for Kiriku in the ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian entertainment. 

Feel free to leave your thoughts and well wishes for this budding comedic sensation in the comments below. And remember, for a daily dose of laughter, be sure to follow Kiriku on his social media handles

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