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Auta Waziri Biography: Net Worth | Career | Age | Phone Number |

Auta Waziri net worth

Auta Waziri, a talented singer from Kaduna State in northern Nigeria. He’s just 25 years old and practices the Islam religion. In this blog, we’ll explore Auta Waziri’s life, including his early days, education, music career, achievements, and how much he’s worth.

Auta Waziri Early Life

Auta Waziri grew up in Kaduna State, surrounded by the beautiful culture and music of the Hausa people. His love for music started here, in his hometown.

Auta Waziri Education

He went to school in Kaduna State, where he learned not only about books but also about the music he would later embrace as his career. His education set the stage for his future in music.

Auta Waziri Career

Auta Waziri’s music career is impressive. He has made many songs that people all over Nigeria love. Some of his most famous tracks include “Yar Budurwa” with Momee Gombee, “Lokaci,” “Ga Lararina” with Momee Gombee again, “Sarkin Bichi,” and “Farin Cikina.” These songs show how good he is at making music that touches the heart.

Auta Waziri Achievements

Auta Waziri’s music has earned him recognition. People love his songs because they are meaningful and catchy. He’s become a rising star in the world of Hausa music, and more success is on the horizon.

Auta Waziri Net Worth

With his growing popularity, Auta Waziri’s bank account is also growing. He’s worth around $100,000, which is about ₦80,000,000 in Nigerian currency. This makes him one of the richest Hausa singers in northern Nigeria. His hard work and love for music have paid off.


From a kid in Kaduna to a music sensation, Auta Waziri’s journey is inspiring. His songs connect with people, and his future in music looks bright. As he continues to make music and win fans, we can expect even greater things from this young music star.

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