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Auta MG Boy Net Worth 2023: Biography | Phone Number

Auta MG Boy Net Worth

In Nigeria’s music scene, Auta MG Boy, also known as Abdulrahman Muhammad Garba, is a shining talent. This blog post will tell you about Auta MG Boy’s life, schooling, job, accomplishments, and how much he’s worth.

Auta MG Boy Early Life

Auta MG Boy was born in 1993 in Zaria, Kaduna State. He loved music from a young age, which set the stage for his bright future.

Auta MG Boy Education

Despite his love for music, Auta MG Boy understood the importance of education. He went to primary and secondary school to develop his skills.

Auta MG Boy Career

Auta MG Boy’s music journey started when he was a kid. He wanted to make Hausa music known all over Nigeria. In 2020, he became famous with his song “Baba Ayi Mini Aure.” This song made people notice him and love his music.

He has nearly 20 songs to his name, like “Yanzuma Aka Fara,” “Daga Ke,” “Tintibe,” and “Kina Zuciyata.” Auta MG Boy’s music style is unique, and people connect with it deeply.

Auta MG Boy Achievements

Auta MG Boy’s music got praise and nominations. He’s becoming a star in the Nigerian music world. He’s showing young musicians that they can achieve their dreams too.

Auta MG Boy Net Worth

So, how much is Auta MG Boy worth? As of 2023, his estimated worth is N2 million Naira. This shows how talented and hardworking he is. He’s still a rising musician, so his wealth will likely grow.


In short, Auta MG Boy is a rising star in Nigerian music. He started as a young boy who loved music and became a successful musician. His worth is expected to grow as he keeps making music loved by people all over Nigeria. Keep an eye on Auta MG Boy, as he’s a name to remember in Nigerian music.

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