Wunderlist has 2 months left to stop working

Microsoft To-Do

The tasks applications are increasingly used by many users, users who do not want to forget the daily tasks at home, at work, in their leisure time … One of the first applications that came to the App Store and that became one of the most popular Wunderlist, is about to close its life cycle.

In 2015, Microsoft took out the checkbook and dedicated itself to buy various applications to expand your application ecosystem, both on iOS and Mac. Wunderlist was one of them, but unlike others, it has continued to run smoothly since its purchase. But everything has an end and that of Wunderlist is very close.

As the IT giant Microsoft announced at the end of 2019, Wunderlist will definitely lower the blind next May 6, at which time the applications available on both iOS, Android, Windows and macOS will stop synchronizing their content.

In the last year, the Microsoft To-Do task application has adopted most of the functions offered by Wunderlist, to try to retain customers who currently continue to use this application. From Microsoft, they claim that users can export all their data in a very simple way to To-Do, or export the data to use another application.

Most of the applications that allow us to manage tasks and that offer synchronization with other applications / ecosystems, they are paid. Microsoft To-Do is completely free and does not require any payment plan. In addition, it integrates almost perfectly with both Office applications and the Outlook mail manager, an integration that we will not find in any other service.

Microsoft To Do (AppStore Link)

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft Corporation

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