WTre: the new Wind Tre brand is on its way!

Very little is missing from the birth of the unique brand WTre which will bring together all the current Wind and Tre users. But the news shouldn’t stop there!

We have just discovered the date on which the Wind Tre S.p.a group will probably announce the end of the merger works of the Wind Tre network and the new brand WTRE.

New alleged WTre logo

The March 6, 2020, the company should definitely reveal plans for the future, including 5G. We expect the final merger to bring users a real advantage also with regards to the commercial offer.


Not only that: apparently the arrival of a new virtual operator with a name is certain Very Mobile which will enter direct competition with Iliad. The move, similar to that made by Vodafone with Ho Mobile, will certainly be aimed at reacquiring some of the customers passed on to other operators over the past few years.

WTre Very Mobile

In short, very little is missing at the launch of the new brand and we can’t wait to find out more! If you want to investigate the matter, we invite you to visit the teeech.it pages.

Are you a Wind or Tre customer? Let us know through the comments what you expect from this new course that will lead to the birth of WTre.


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