Wozniak: “The CDC refused to perform the coronavirus swab”

After the tweet in which he declared that he could have been patient zero in the United States, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak returns to talk about the matter and makes accusations at the Center for Disease Control.

In an interview released yesterday on a San Francisco radio, Wozniak he told what happened in early January to better understand the situation after the publication of that much criticized tweet.

As they returned from their trip to Asia, the Wozniak couple began to show some malaise already on the plane, with a strong cough especially for his wife Janet: “Surely we would have been better controlled today, but on January 4 the epidemic had not yet exploded “. It’s still. “The tests diagnosed that we caught a “non-American” virus, but they didn’t tell us more. I asked the CDC to do the coronavirus swab on me and my wife, but they refused“.

Wozniak concludes by saying that he would like to carry out this test, to understand if he has taken the coronavirus or if it has been another important veirus.

Meanwhile, Apple’s co-founder has canceled upcoming meetings in France and South Korea.


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