Wozniak says the CDC refused to test for the coronavirus

Steve Wozniak

A few days ago, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak published a tweet that read “Patient Zero in the United States.” Many they wondered if that tweet was another of their usual jokes, but this time it was not so. In an interview he has given to the KCBS radio, he gives more details.

Wozniak and his wife returned from a trip to China on January 4. His wife, Janet Wozniak, and other passengers on the plane were coughing during the flight. In a moment, Janet coughed up blood. When news of the coronavirus outbreak in China spread, Steve got in touch with the CDC, the Center for Disease Control in the United States.

Steve explained his situation to the CDC, who rejected his request to get tested to see if he had the coronavirus. After passing different medical tests, looking for what could be the cause of the general malaise that his wife presented, Janet was diagnosed with a sinus infection.

Wozniak he described the response of the CDC as if from a press release it was treated, denying him the possibility of being able to get tested even though he could become the zero patient in the United States. Various American media outlets have contacted the CDC, so the lack of attention that the Center for Disease Control has shown in this case is likely to be long overdue.

Although the coronavirus has not yet officially reached the United States, many companies have canceled the events they had scheduled in the coming months or, they have canceled their attendance at the events that are still standing, as is the case of the SXSW, an event where Apple planned to present the next releases that will arrive at its streaming video service.

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