With iOS 13.4 new details arrive on Apple Card

With iOS 13.4, Apple continues to improve the experience for Apple Card users by introducing new information on individual transitions.

apple card transitions

In fact, in the iOS 13.4 beta there are more details on the history of the transitions, all available in the Wallet app. All extra information is only available on recent transactions, as older purchases had no associated metadata.

Previously, the transaction via Apple Card it was simply classified as a purchase of “Apple services“. The user therefore had to try to understand exactly which service this transaction was related to by cross-referencing the price shown in the Wallet with the purchase receipts on the App Store.

There new experience user adds a new section that includes the corresponding name and icon for purchase. For example, the Apple Music app icon is displayed for Apple Music subscription renewal transactions. Of course, this also works for third-party in-app purchases.

It’s a small but useful addition that allows Apple Card users to understand more clearly what they are paying for from Apple.

Recall that Apple Card is not yet available in Italy.


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