With iOS 13.4 “Hey Siri” will also be available with iPhone covered or face down

Have you ever wondered why Siri doesn’t sometimes respond to your ‘Hey Siri’ command? You should know that to date this voice command is not received by our iPhone if covered or facing down.

Many of you will probably be amazed by this information and the explanation is in Apple’s precise desire to avoid activating Siri with the phone facing down or covered; this feature is called Facedown Detection and until it has never been possible to make changes to this setting.

With iOS 13.4 things will change and it will finally be possible to remove the functionality of Facedown Detection, all thanks to a new toggle in the accessibility menu. Thanks to the beta of iOS 13.4 it was possible to discover this small news coming with the future update of Apple and in this article we show you how you can disable it.

All you have to do is access the settings smartphone and then the menu accessibility; scrolling down we will find the submenu Siri and inside you just need to enable the toggle ‘Always enable Hey Siri’To permanently remove this sometimes annoying setting, especially in those situations where there is a greater need to use the voice assistant without taking your eyes off what we are doing (such as driving).

Siri facedown

We just have to wait for the official release of iOS 13.4 to finally have access to this small feature, probably even unknown to many. And you were aware of this function?



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