Why Apple images appear at the same time

Apple characterizes up to the time of its equipment

In the different images or videos where the new Apple products appear if you look at the time that appears in The screen is always the same. Obviously to be able to show all the features of your equipment you must do it with the screen on and this makes the time visible to everyone. They could choose to set a completely random time depending on when they make those promotional images but from the Cupertino company they don’t want to leave anything to chance.

iPhone advertising

This is where one of the many curiosities that the company has, resides, and we will always see in these photographs or advertising videos the same time. Specific the set time is 9:41 am and obviously it has a fairly important meaning within Apple.

At 9:41 am the company’s first iPad was presented on January 27, 2010 and they wanted to keep this time in mind. Before the presentation of the first Apple tablet the time that appeared on the screen was 9:42 which corresponded to the presentation of the first iPhone in 2007. It is quite curious that the presentation hours of these two great Apple products almost overlapped, which was surely the original idea the company had in mind.

But ultimately we can now fully understand why a specific time appears in a photograph or in a promotional video. It is clear that from Apple they want to look for meaning to everything and make many winks to small details of its history. The problem is that people must realize this and if you are not a true patient of the brand surely you have never noticed that it always leaves the same time.

Little by little, new curious details of the company are known, and in the future this may go further. Certainly something positive must have to be a veteran company in the sector And it is always about leaving a mark on society.

And you, had you noticed this detail on the company’s iPhone and tablets?

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