WhatsApp in Dark Mode now available in the Beta for iOS

It has taken a lot, too much could be said, as always when we talk about a new feature for WhatsApp, but The most important messaging application in our field already has Dark Mode available, at least in the Beta available in TestFlight. We have it and we show you the first images.

The new Dark Mode was one of the most anticipated features for our iOS devices. Apple had already included it in its desktop software, and this year it was time to include it in iOS and iPadOS. An option that we can have configured by default, if we want to save battery on our iPhone, or that we can configure it to activate automatically at night, to better see the screen of our iPhone and iPad, without disturbing our eyes. Apple also offers the option that third-party applications use this feature, and WhatsApp has been made to beg but it seems that its arrival is imminent, as it shows that those who can test the Beta of the messaging application we already have it available.

WhatsApp Dark Mode is integrated with the system configuration, so that we have it set automatically or manually, As long as our iPhone has Dark Mode activated, WhatsApp will show the same mode. With the arrival of this new mode, it is only necessary that the famous application adapts to work on our iPad, something that has been talking about for a long time and it seems that it is already in the testing phase by WhatsApp developers , but if we take into account what it took to get a mode with the black background, the iPad version we will have to wait for it sitting.

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