What’s new in iOS and iPadOS 13.4 beta 2 released yesterday

iOS iPadOS 13.4 beta 2

Yesterday was betas day for Apple. New betas of the firmwares were launched for all the company’s devices. Developers can already download and test them before leaving them closed and become final versions for all users.

They go very well because in them we can already see the new improvements that they incorporate, days before they become official. The iOS and iPadOS 14.4 beta 2 bring some interesting news. Let’s see what these new betas bring us.

In the first beta version, Apple added a new mail toolbar, iCloud File Sharing, new Memojis and announced the next support for universal purchases for iOS and Mac applications. In this beta version there is a renewed configuration section for the TV application, an adjustment in the toolbar, and new data on the CarKey function that Apple has in development. Let’s see what are the novelties found in these new beta versions released yesterday.

TV settings

Apple updated the TV application settings on iPhone and iPad, adding a number of new options to control downloads and data transmission. There are options to use mobile data for transmission or downloads, with those options disabled by default. Those users who have an unlimited data plan will be able to modify these settings to be able to view content in the TV application on their iPhones when using an LTE network.

There are also options to stream “Data Saver” video or “High quality” video over Wi-Fi or LTE. With the “Data saver” option, data usage is limited to a maximum of 600 MB per hour. There are also options for fast downloads that are of lower quality, or of high quality, with slower downloads.

Under this new configuration, standard Siri options, search and notifications are available, along with buttons to display sports scores, use game history and video definition, all of which existed before.

Mail Toolbar

Apple has already updated the mail toolbar in the first beta version, and has now retouched it. The updated toolbar removes the flag icon from the previous beta version, and adds a compose button on the far right, moving the answer button over a point toward the center. The folder and delete icons have remained the same.


You can send your car key with the Messages app


Apple is working on a new CarKey feature that is designed to allow an iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock, boot and lock NFC-compatible vehicles. As found in the first beta, CarKey digital keys can be shared by other users, but in this second beta it is confirmed that the keys could be sent to other people through Messages. The people to whom a CarKey is sent can use that digital key to access the vehicle enabled with this system of the owner issuing the access code.

These are the news found in the betas released yesterday from both iOS and iPadOS 13.4 beta 2.

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