What to do if one of your AirPods does not work properly?

Airpods with case

AirPods are one of the most useful and practical products that the big apple has. And, although we think that it is not a device as such, it is, since it needs a firmware for its operation. The problem is when both headphones or only one stop working since we don’t have any screen that tells us what could be happening. However, with the help of the device you want to pair it with, we can solve the situation in which one of the two (or both) AirPods does not play content correctly. So, What do I do when I am in this situation?

AirPods may have deconfigured, let’s not lose our cool

That a device that has cost us more than 150 euros to stop working can be an incentive for a nervous breakdown to begin. However, we have also purchased quality and warranty, so we have to keep calm, That first. The AirPods are a Bluetooth headset that automatically connects to the last paired device, so if you don’t do it or we can’t get you to play music the problem can only be in AirPods or on our phone, there’s no more.

The first thing we have to check is that the AirPods are charged, so we will place them in the box and wait for the screen to open with the information on our iPhone. In case both headphones are charged, we will take action. We retest the connection and if it is still not heard on one side or both, we will proceed to make a reset the connection with the headphones, as follows:

  • Take the iPhone or iPad and go to Settings> Bluetooth> and press on the “i” that appears to the right of the name of your headphones.
  • Click on “Skip device”

Now that we have omitted the AirPods, we will have to press the button on the back of the AirPods case for a few seconds until it flashes white. At that moment the connection screen will appear on our device and we will proceed to perform the pairing as we did the first time. In this way we have restored the connection with our iPhone And, in principle, the problem should be solved.

If the problem is still there, we recommend you go to the nearest Apple Store or contact Apple through its support service located on the official website.

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