We tested the Native Union Curve covers for AirPods

The AirPods are one of the most beloved accessories for Apple users, both in its normal version and in the Pro version. Today we tested a couple of covers to protect them, but also to change their external appearance, giving it a touch of color and style thanks to the silicone and leather Curve covers that Native Union offers us, and that we show you below.

Silicone or skin, you choose

Do you want to give your AirPods a sportier look? Do you feel like changing white to another more lively color? Or do you prefer the touch and style of authentic skin? Well, Native Union gives you the option to choose what you prefer, because it offers us silicone or leather cases, and with different colors each. Black, navy blue and pink for the silicone case, and black, navy blue, brown and green for the leather case.

The silicone case fits perfectly in your AirPods, both in the normal and in the Pro, which are the ones we have tested for this article. To the touch of silicone, already with a good grip, we must add this striated design that Native Union has given to its case, and that It gives a different look to the normal models that you can find in the market. The chances of your AirPods falling out of your hands are minimized with this cover on, but if it happens, thanks to the characteristics of the material in which it is manufactured, the blow will be cushioned.

All colors have the same design, and it’s only a matter of choosing the one you like best. Of course you can continue to use the Lightning port, which is discovered, and wireless charging, thanks to the minimum increase in thickness caused by the cover. Although there is no hole for the charging LED, you can see perfectly <mind through the case, so you will not lose any function of your AirPods.

The leather case is a completely different, more formal style, perhaps for many less fun … but I love it. The touch of the skin is extraordinary, and the case fits like a glove (never better) on your AirPods. It has the advantage that it retains less dust than silicone, although it is also true that it dampens less in the event of a fall. The passage of time will leave marks, brightness … and your case will be different from any other, something that only the skin can do.

Here we do have a hole to see the charging LED, which is perfectly positioned so that it can be seen without the slightest problem. We also have the Lightning port free to recharge the headphones, and of course, it is compatible with wireless charging using any charging base that complies with the Qi standard.

Editor’s opinion

Native Union offers us covers for AirPods that seek to differentiate themselves from the rest of the models available in the market, and they get it by means of an original design in their silicone case, or by using genuine leather in their leather case. A very careful design, perfect settings and good quality of materials are always appreciated, in addition to not losing any of the functionalities of the AirPods, such as wireless charging or being able to see the state of charge through the front LED. The Curve silicone case in any of the three colors available is priced at € 19.99 at Amazon (link) while The Curve leather case in its four colors is priced at € 49.99, currently only available on the official Native Union website (link)


  • Colors and materials to choose from
  • Excellent finishes and careful design
  • Protection without greatly increasing the thickness
  • Wireless charging and charging status LEDs preserved


  • Unable to place a hitch or tape
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