VSCO launches Montage, a new editing function

VSCO, a well-known video and photo editing app, is launching a new feature that, according to what the developers have declared, will distinguish it from all the other similar apps on the store.

vsco montage

The function is called Montage is It allows to users subscribing to the VSCO service of edit photos and videos simultaneously on a single canva, creating a particular collage effect. You can choose to make this change vertically, horizontally or square mode and you can insert photos and videos taken from the library. The scenes can also be modified later, with the possibility of inserting new content up to a maximum of two minutes. Video creations are saved as .mov files. If, however, it is a scene with still images, then the work will be saved in .jpg format.

It is a format of photo and video editing actually never seen in the past. The end result is a collage similar to what we can maybe create on Instagram, but the editing possibilities are many more. In practice, to obtain the same result offered by the Montage function, the user must use multiple applications on his iPhone, while now with VSCO everything is centralized.

The function will be available shortly for all users subscribing to the service VSCO.


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