Various Apple component suppliers accused of enslaving the Uyghur ethnic group

iPhone 11 rear

China is not characterized by taking what is said precisely well, not only with its neighbors (Taiwan and Japan), but also with some of the different ethnic groups residing in its territory. The relations of the Chinese government with the Sinkiang region where the Uyghur ethnic group resides, located northwest of China, They have never been good.

The defenseless situation of this ethnic group seems to have been taken advantage of by some of Apple’s component suppliers in collaboration with the Chinese government, to force them to work in their facilities, according to the British media The Information.

According to this newspaper, the Chinese regime has relocated thousands of Muslim Uighurs residing in the Xinjiang region, to force them to work in factories. The two companies related to Apple, is not the only company dotted by this new scandal, which appear in this report are BOE Techonology and O-Film.

BOE Technology is responsible for manufacturing LCD panels for both MacBooks and iPad. The latest news related to this company, suggest that it is actively collaborating with Apple to become the supplier, along with Samsung, of the OLED screens that Apple plans to implement in the 2021 iPhone, in order to reduce its dependence on Samsung. After knowing this scandal, BOE has it very crude.

O-Film is responsible for manufacturing, together with LG Innotek, the camera modules of the iPhone range. Company that could earn many points and take care of the mass production of the new modules, after hearing the news of temporary closure of facilities in South Korea where LG manufactures the camera modules for the iPhone. What is clear is that Apple has it increasingly difficult to find other suppliers of some of the components of the iPhone to reduce its dependence on both LG and Samsung.

Apple spokesman Josh Rosenstock says the company has very strict rules with all its suppliers, and expects all employees of its suppliers Be treated with dignity and respect. Apple is not the only company that has been affected by this new controversy. Dell, Nike and Volkswagen … are some of the companies whose suppliers are taking advantage of the Uyghur ethnic group.

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