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Design that you can love or hate

The design of this Apple mouse is quite minimalist and quite light since the curve of the upper part is quite subtle. This can make those people who want very small mice fall in love to be able to handle comfortably but the truth is that They are not very hergonomic if you spend many hours using it. That is why if you use your Mac to play, the few games that are compatible with this platform, or to edit videos this is not the most recommended mouse. You can end up with a rather tired hand and this is a design flaw of this mouse and we hope that in the future they will launch a mouse that is much more ergonomic.

The way to load this mouse is quite strange too, being here the second point of criticism of the design of this peripheral. Charging lightning is at the base of the mouse and this makes it impossible to charge the mouse while you are using it. This causes that if you run out of battery while you are using the computer, it will force you to stop the task and connect it a few minutes to the cable. This does not happen in competitive mice that have the connector on the same front of the mouse to facilitate this task. But it should also be noted that the battery of this peripheral endures enough and can give up to a month of autonomy.

We must choose a mouse that suits our needs

Whenever we look for a new product or service, we must always choose the one that suits our needs. If we are video editors, the Magic Mouse should be completely discarded. This mouse unfortunately does not include any type of shortcut, like other alternatives that have extra fully customizable keys. This does not happen in the Magic Mouse and we believe that it is a complete error and we hope it ends up solving in a mouse more focused on this group of professional users.

This is why the Magic Mouse 2 is indicated especially for those people who work mainly with different office software. Something very positive that this mouse has is thatand includes the possibility of using Trackpad gestures That is certainly a tremendously useful thing. When you get used to these gestures on the Mac it is difficult to stop using them if we use a third-party mouse. If you are used to using gestures to move from different desktops or to scroll through a page with gestures the Magic Mouse is your ideal mouse.

Source: PC Components

Our experience has been quite satisfactory because we work daily with different word processors and in many web pages. But if you spend many hours with the mouse in your hand editing video or playing a game such as the League of Legends, there are certainly other better alternatives. And speaking of games, the so subtle difference between the primary and secondary button It is a great impediment to play. As an alternative we have the Logitech MX Master although there are also many opinions about this mouse especially with its design since for some people it can be somewhat uncomfortable. As we say, it is best to try each of the rtatones and end up choosing the one that best suits our hand and needs.

And you, have you tried the Magic Mouse? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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